2017 Walnut Cove Masonic Lodge

2017 Walnut Cove Masonic Lodge Raffle

September 2017 Fall Raffle

Description Price Winner
Mossberg 835TK 12ga Pump Shotgun $499.99 Randy Wilson
ATI Over/Under 12ga Shotgun $469.99 John Desern
Glock 42 380ACP Pistol $439.99 Brian Sapp
Henry H001 22 Lever Action Rifle $299.99 Debbie Moore
Savage AXIS 270 Rifle with Scope $339.99 Tim Priddy
Taurus 85 38 Special Revolver $319.99 John McIntosh
CVA Wolf Black Powder Rifle $229.99 Dean Boyles
Remington 870 Express 12ga 3" Shotgun   $339.99 Dannielle Hawks
Ruger LC9s 9mm Pistol $399.99 Chris Edwards
Marlin XT-22M 22 WMR Rifle $229.99 James Craddock
Savage AXIS 243 Rifle with Scope $339.99 Matthew Shelton
Remington 870 Home Defense Shotgun $299.99 John Wright
Ruger American 308 Rifle $399.99 Stephanie Looper
Taurus Public Defender Judge 45/410 Revolver   $429.99 John Wright
Henry H001 22 Lever Action Rifle $299.99 Joey Lemons
Savage B-Mag 17WSM Rifle $349.99 Joshua Simpson
Ruger SR22 22lr Pistol $369.99 Dennis Hartgrove
Mossberg 510 Youth 20ga Shotgun $389.99 Jim Thompson
Glock 42 380ACP Pistol $439.99 Paul Wilson
Marlin 336W 30-30 Rifle $459.99 Dale Coleman
Remington 700 ADL 30-06 Rifle with Scope $469.99 Brock Brown
Savage 93R17F 17HMR Rifle $229.99 Damon Wear
Marlin XT-17VR $239.99 Jim Mitchell
Mossberg 500 12ga Shotgun $329.99 Ray Ashby
Ruger LC9s 9mm Pistol $399.99 J D Duggins
S&W M&P1522 22 Rifle $419.99 James Craddock
Remington 700ADL 30-06 with Scope $469.99 Chris Haigler
Glock 43 9mm Pistol $489.99 Andrew Hall
Marlin 336W 30-30 Rifle $459.99 Danny Sullivan
Ruger SR1911 45ACP Pistol $799.99 Randy Wilson


Each ticket will be placed back into the pot for a chance at each gun. Winning ticket holders must meet all requirements to receive a gun. Winners may also trade the value of the gun for merchandise at Betty’s Country Grocery. Winners must pick up prizes by 12/31/17 or ticket will be forfeited. For more ticket information, call 336-816-7599. You can also call Kevin @ Betty’s Country Grocery 336-591-4848. A list of winners will be available @ www.shopbettys.com.