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Catfish fishing supplies
Catfish Showdown
Kerr-Buggs Island Lake
August 23,2003 and September 20th.
Entry fee $50.00 per boat ONE FISH 100% payback in the top 4 places additional places will be awarded by the sponsors. Open tournament. Catch and release. Time 5:00pm- 12:00 midnight. Captains meeting @ 4:30pm Contacts: Westons Grocery Red Oak Va. 434/735-8106

Jim Booth's Catfish Ponds
Walnut Cove, NC

McBride's Catfish Pond
Madison, NC

Bass Pro Shops We carry
Bass Pro Shops

Betty's Country Grocery is your one-stop source for all your Catfish supplies.

Catfish reels Catfish fishing reels

We stock many reels suitable for the catfish fisherman including the Abu-Garcia Ambassadeur CatMaster.

Catfish fishing rods Catfish fishing rods

Find your perfect catfish rod from among the hundreds of rods we have in stock.

Catfish fishing dough bait Catfish fishing dough bait

We offer a wide variety of catfish dough baits including Junnie's Cat Tracker, Catfish Charlie and many others.

Catfish fishing magic bait Catfish fishing magic bait

We carry a variety of Magic Bait brand dough balls.

Catfish fishing line Catfish fishing line

We have a great selection of fishing line including the Trilene Big Cat and Stren Catfish brands.

Catfish fishing minnows Catfish fishing minnows

We seasonally stock 2 sizes of minnows.

Catfish fishing night crawlers Catfish fishing night crawlers

We carry Canadian Night Crawlers year-round.

Catfish fishing bait shrimp Catfish fishing bait shrimp

We stock frozen bait shrimp year-round.

Catfish fishing rod holders Catfish fishing rod holders

We carry custom-made rod holders available only through Betty's Country Grocery.



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