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Carp Fishing Supplies

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Lawson's Carp Pond
Lawsonville, NC
(336) 593-3356

B&B Carp Lake
Walnut Cove, NC
(336) 591-4944


Bass Pro Shops We carry
Bass Pro Shops

Jackpot Carp fishing is big in North Carolina and no where will you find a better selection of products for the carp fisherman than Betty's Country Grocery.

Carp Fishing Reels Carp Fishing Reels

We have a large selection of fishing reels suited for the carp fisherman including Abu-Garcia Ambassadeur, Ambassadeur Carpmaster, Shakesphere, Penn and Zebco.

Carp Fishing Rods Carp Fishing Rods

We have many carp rods to choose from including Eagle Claw, Ugly Stick, Berkley Lightning Rod  and Bass Pro Shops.

Carp Fishing Flavoring Carp Fishing Flavoring

We carry the complete line of flavorings from Superior and Happy Home.

Carp Fishing Trout Chow

We carry Aqua-Max trout chow.  Available in small 1.75lb. bags or large 50lb. bags.

Carp Fishing Trout Chow

We're your source for carp fishing odds & ends.  Corn, ketchup, rice, line dough, pineapple, pie filling you name it we got it.

Carp Fishing Grits Carp Fishing Grits

We stock Quaker instant and quick grits.

We carry rolled oats in small 2.5lb. and large 50lb. bags.

Carp Fishing Wheat Puffs Carp Fishing Wheat Puffs

We carry wheat puffs as well as Kellogg's corn pops.

Carp Fishing Rod Holders Carp Fishing Rod Holders

We stock a rod stand specially made just for carp fishermen and only available through Betty's Country Grocery.



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