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  Walnut Cove, NCBetty's Country Grocery - Walnut Cove, Stokes County, NC, North CarolinaStokes County, NC
Neil and Betty Moore, owners of Betty's Country Grocery of Walnut Cove, NC, North Carolina
Neil and Betty Moore



   Betty's Country Grocery of Walnut Cove, NC (North Carolina) is owned and operated by Neil and Betty Moore, who purchased the store in 1985.  The store was owned from 1956 until the 70's by Betty's mother "Grandma Margie" pictured below, who sold the store after her husband's death. Neil and Betty decided to put the store back in the family in '85 and business has been booming ever since.

   When they bought the store in the spring, the store was primarily a convenience store and the tackle department consisted of a few packs of hooks, some sinkers and a minnow tank.  With the fishing season soon coming they decided to expand the fishing selection and have been expanding every year since.

   Early on they realized that many of their customers were buying their fishing products elsewhere (mainly Wal-Mart K-Mart and mail order from Bass Pro Shops), so they decided to do something about it.  They became a dealer for Bass Pro Shops and sell their products at Bass Pro Shops prices.  Then with the purchasing power of giant Bass Pro Shops behind them they could offer their products as cheap or cheaper than Wal-Mart or K-Mart (or anybody for that matter).

  They soon expanded into the hunting business and now stock blackpowder and archery equipment as well as camping supplies.  The business has continually grown and is now the largest hunting and fishing retailer in Stokes County, NC (North Carolina).

   Kevin Moore,  their son, is the head of the hunting and tackle department and has many years of experience with all aspects of the business.   If you've got a hunting or fishing related question, Kevin's got an answer. Kevin and wife Debbie are full time employees of Betty's Country Grocery.  Kevin and Debbie have two daughters, Kayla and Katie.

  Their oldest daughter, Angie Abbott and husband Richard have one son, Christopher.  Both Angie and Chris work at Betty's with Chris being the head of the Abbott Arms gunsmithing department and Richard works for the Stokes County Sheriff's Department. 

  Randall Moore, their son, is owner of Stokes Web Development, the designer of the Betty's Country Grocery Website. His wife, Keita, is a Registered Nurse at Forsyth Memorial Hospital. Randall and Keita have two daughters, Hayley and Bethany.

  Their youngest daughter, Allison Washburn works for Stormie Speaks Nationwide Insurance Agency and has a son Brett Shelby Washburn.


The whole Hee Haw gang at Kure Beach Fishing Pier for Betty's 60th Birthday.


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